Pickens County Advocacy Center hosts 4th annual fundraiser in Easley

Pickens County Advocacy Center (PCAC) held its fundraising event, Songs for Survivors at Arran Farm in Easley on Tuesday, October 11, 2022. This is technically their 4th time hosting this event after having to cancel last year due to the pandemic. The event featured a silent auction, live music, dinner provided by Palmettos Smokehouse, and drinks by Southern Libations

4th annual songs for survivors in easley sc
The 4th annual Songs for Survivors event and silent auction. Photo: Natalia Martin

The music artists performed songs from various genres, from rap to country.

The performers were Burak Tulbentci, Universatile 101, Kelley Horton, Rachel VanSlyke, Nick Nichols, and Luke Deuce.

For some, PCAC holds a special place in their hearts. Kelley Horton used the services provided by the Advocacy Center, and Nick Nichols is the husband of the current Interim Director Faye Nichols.

performers at 4th annual songs for survivors in easley sc
The performers at the Pickens County Advocacy Center fundraiser on October 11, 2022. Photo: Natalia Martin

What does the Pickens County Advocacy Center do?

Pickens County Advocacy Center has a mission to support survivors of sexual abuse and assault in Pickens county. They provide counseling, education, and advocacy by collaborating with individuals, local governments, emergency responders, schools, courts, and other support organizations.

The center has a crisis hotline, accompanies survivors at the hospital, and helps with legal support like assisting victims to navigate the court process, filing for restraining orders, and protection from abuse. They also provide counseling for victims affected by sexual assault free of charge. Through community outreach, they help educate the public on how to identify and help victims of abuse and human trafficking. 

In 2022 alone, PCAC assisted over 62 victims. So far this year, 30 people have completed their counseling programs. Hundreds called the crisis hotline. Even with the stretched budget through the pandemic, the work continues. 

how to get involved with pickens county advocacy center

The Advocacy Center is always looking for support through sponsorships, donations, and volunteers. Please follow them on social media, and visit their website for more information. 

pickens county advocacy center brochure front
Pickens County Advocacy Center human trafficking information pamphlet, side A.
pickens county advocacy center brochure back
Pickens County Advocacy Center human trafficking information pamphlet, side B.

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