‘I see an opportunity for the ground to be molded’: Easley man looks to break barriers in professional bowling

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Updated: 11:24 PM EST Feb 2, 2023

Author: Carlos Cristian Flores, WYFF4 Reporter

Pushing the needle forward comes in many shapes and forms and one upstate man is playing his part in the sport of bowling.

It’s a sport that is a game for most but for Adrian Ivery from Easley, South Carolina, it’s a way of life.

“Each frame is a new frame. I take that philosophy into life. Each day is a new day. You don’t let the last ball diminish your motivation or your strive. You use it as a motivator to not repeat the same mistake over again,” Ivery said.

Ivery has bowled on and off for years but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that reignited his passion for the game.

“When we’re able to go back out and these bowing allies open back up I am going to spend the majority of my time there and recommit myself to my dream and to my goal,” Ivery said.

That goal, to join the Professional Bowling Association.

Since the league was created in 1958 there have been two black bowlers to win a major title. Ivery has bowled 10 perfect games and has won three titles. Ivery said he is ready to help move the sport forward.

“I see an opportunity for the ground to be molded. There is a space for a minority and minority bowlers to be on that stage,” Ivery said.

However, while his dreams are on his mind, he wants to also inspire others to pick up a ball and take on the lanes.

“If I can influence and put an impact on the game for younger children, minorities, older men or women bowling that would satisfy my purpose,” Ivery said.

The next step for Ivery is sponsors and once he has those he is ready to go to the next level.

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