The public is invited to review proposed high school materials and textbooks

Each year the state of SC established priorities for purchasing instructional materials and resources for our students. Currently, the state is funding new instructional materials for grades 9 – 12 to include Biology 1, 2, and Advanced Placement; Advanced Placement European History, and Civics.

Before the process reaches our schools, the SC State Board of Education seeks stakeholder input from across the state and approves a broad list of textbooks for schools to review. Following state approval, textbook publishers formally present their materials to school districts and distribute samples of their resources for our review and selection.

The selection process has been completed at the state level, and it is now time to complete the approval process at the district level. SDPC invites the public to review textbooks and instructional materials that have been proposed for adoption and use in the School District of Pickens County.

The materials will be on display in person and online until March 23, 2023, with instructions for submitting comments available in person and online.

Community stakeholders may review and give feedback on the resources:

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Gwinn at

These materials were originally released for public review in October 2022. SDPC announced the opportunity for public review HERE.

At the end of January, these materials were presented to educators in the state textbook caravan in Columbia. Afterwards, schools began receiving their adoption preview kits during February and identified teachers serving on the school’s selection committee.

In early March, school selection committees finalized their review and recommended their top two selections. The district released the 2nd opportunity for parent/community review of these materials and requested feedback as district representatives used school and community feedback to provide the SDPC School Board with a final recommendation for SDPC selections.

These will be presented to the board at the board meeting on Monday, March 27, for approval. On March 28, SDPC  uploads selections to the state textbook ordering system so that schools will be able to preorder these materials when the window opens in late April or early May.

After preorder, publishers begin printing materials, shipping textbooks, providing professional learning for teachers, and working with districts to upload any instructional technology that accompanies the textbook adoption.