New in town: Romeo’s Pizza

What’s special about Romeo’s Pizza? The secret’s in the sauce.


One of the things setting Romeo’s apart from other restaurants is its unique sweeter sauce. Unlike their franchise competitors, Romeo’s prides itself on fresh ingredients made in-house. 

That includes the dough, which is made from scratch in a precise 3-day process. By not using frozen dough results in a very airy crust.

The precision of this process is what gives Romeo’s Pizza its consistent delicious flavor. 

Veggie pizza from Romeo’s Pizza. Photo:

Romeo’s Pizza is set to open its Easley location this Wednesday, October 5th on Calhoun Memorial Highway in the old Cash N Go building. This is the third Romeo’s Pizza franchise to open in the upstate. It’s the first food franchise for owner Brian Gossett, who also owns Anytime Fitness here in Easley. 

When the gyms shut down during the pandemic, Gossett noticed that the delivery service industry continued to thrive. Pizza delivery in particular seemed to be going up while everyone else was struggling to survive. Opening a franchise with a great product and a proven business model was a great opportunity.

After evaluating several pizza franchises, Brian found that Romeo’s shared his values for a great product, family, and community. While other restaurants charged steep fees to maximize their corporate profits, Romeo’s encouraged their franchisees to spend time in, and money on, their local communities. 

Easley residents waiting outside of Romeo’s Pizza. Photo: Natalia Martin

Last Friday, while the threat of hurricane Ian loomed, he demonstrated that commitment by giving away over a hundred pizzas to the residents of Easley. Starting at 4 PM, Romeo’s Pizza distributed one free pizza per family for over an hour.  

When the pizza was gone and the staff was cleaning up, Gossett’s wife Joanna arrived with their two young boys. With even the babies decked out in the company gear, it was very apparent that this venture is a family affair, not just another chain restaurant moving into the neighborhood.

Brian Gossett with his wife Joanna, and sons Carson and Winton. Photo: Natalia Martin

With a dozen other pizza restaurants in Easley, one has to ask: do we need another one? The short answer is yes. Yes, we do. Almost 85% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month, and about half eat it at least once a week. 

Pizza restaurants are a $55.5 billion industry in 2022. You could even say we don’t have enough pizza in this town. Which is probably why Romeo’s Pizza wanted to put a location in our city.

We’re looking forward to eating their pies this week!

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