Road improvements in Pickens County part of SCDOT 2024 Pavement Improvement Plan

Yesterday, May 18, 2023, the South Carolina Department of Transportation Commission approved the Agency’s 2024 Pavement Improvement Program by adding another $775 million to the previously invested $2.8 billion in pavement improvements across the state of South Carolina since the Strategic 10-Year plan was implemented. This is the seventh year of an accelerated pavement improvement program and this action by the Commission adds another 877 miles of roadway to the more than 8,000 miles of ongoing road work.

“We know that South Carolina depends on a safe and reliable transportation system, and we are making good on our promise to the people of South Carolina to improve that system,” said Commission Chairman Tony Cox. “We have more work to do, but the effort is well underway and we are continuing to invest in the improvement of our roads. We are moving people and goods across the region more efficiently – making sure our state is a great place to live and work.”  

“As the fourth largest state maintained highway system in the nation, we know we face an incredible challenge to keep that network in good working order – today, we renewed our commitment to meeting that challenge,” said Secretary of Transportation Christy A. Hall, P.E. “When we implemented the Strategic 10-Year Plan in 2018, we set out to make significant improvements in the condition of pavements across the state that were in poor condition due to 30 years of deferred maintenance. I’m proud to report we are well on the way to meeting those goals.”

The Agency’s Strategic 10-Year Plan was implemented after a significant increase in funding provided by the General Assembly in the 2017 Roads Bill. The increased and sustainable revenue stream gave the agency the opportunity to make steady strides toward improving the highway system in South Carolina. The program focuses on four key areas including highway safety, structurally deficient bridges, road resurfacing and interstate widening.  

These are the Pickens County projects approved in the 2024 Plan.

List of roads in Pickens County, SC included in the 2024 SCDOT Pavement Improvement Program

Here is the current list of roads included in the 2024 Pavement Improvement Program: 

To put this into perspective, both sides of US123 from SC153 to SC93 are currently being resurfaced. It’s just 2.31 miles. The winning bid was $1.7 million. The project was approved as part of the 2022 Pavement Improvement Plan, which tells you how slowly these projects can move forward.

There are currently dozens of SCDOT road improvements happening around Pickens County. SCDOT has an interactive map to allow residents to see details of these projects here.

Visit the SCDOT website for more information about the agency’s ongoing pavement improvement program: 

List of Pickens County approved in the 2022-2023 Pavement Improvement Program for reference.