May Health & Wellness Tips

Did you know stroke rates are rising among young people?

The best way to reduce your risk of stroke, or other serious medical condition, is to take care of yourself by avoiding tobacco use, eating a well-balanced diet and staying active. We hope these tips will help you be your healthiest, both physically and mentally.

Why young women are at a higher risk for stroke

Over the last few decades, strokes have increased among young people. Young women are at a higher risk for stroke. Find out why.

Do I have social anxiety disorder?

Feeling nervous in large crowds or being shy in social situations is common and doesn’t mean you have social anxiety. However, diagnosed anxiety disorders have recently been on the rise. Prisma Health psychiatrist, Frank Clark, MD, explained what social anxiety disorder is and how it’s treated.

Why walking is good for joint health

If you’re looking for a way to keep your joints healthy, the answer is as simple as it gets: walking. Prisma Health orthopedic surgeon Nathan Moroski, MD, explained why walking is great for your joint health and what you can do if pain might be holding you back.

Why sitting too much is a problem
Many of us spend a lot of time sitting – in our cars, at our desks and on the couch. This type of physical inactivity is a major problem worldwide and can lead to many medical problems. Lindsay Kirkland, RD, explained why we need to be more active and offered some tips to help us get there.

Making exercise convenient

Finding time for exercise can be hard, so we’ve designed MoveWell to be something you can do anywhere — with no special equipment and no cost. Movements can be customized to your fitness level with make it easier or make it harder options. Sign up today and get active!