June health and wellness tips

Photo by Lubomirkin on Unsplash

Welcome, summer! 

As the days get longer, many people will take advantage by spending more time outside. While we encourage spending time in the great outdoors, it’s important to do so safely. This includes being aware of pesky insects, making sure to remember the sunscreen and practicing safety awareness.

We hope you will find these tips helpful as you gear up for a healthy summer.

Why walking is good for joint health

If you’re looking for a way to keep your joints healthy, the answer is as simple as it gets: walking. Learn why walking is great for your joint health and what you can do if pain might be holding you back.

Fire ant stings: What you should know

Just about everyone in South Carolina has experienced the painful sting of a fire ant. Here’s what you need to know about fire ant stings, how they’re treated and how to know if you need medical attention.

Treating and preventing melanoma

Is it a mole or a melanoma? Does it look a little different than before? These are questions you may be asking when it comes to skin cancer known as melanoma. Know these important tips, including when to see a doctor about a suspicious mole. (*podcast)

10 tips for staying safe around fireworks

While fireworks can be fun, it is important to remember they are also dangerous and should be used with extreme care. Follow these tips to stay safe while celebrating July 4th.