Jasmine Twitty: Easley judge who made history

South Carolina’s College of Charleston celebrated their most illustrious students, staff, and alumni for Black History Month. One of those people Judge Jasmine Twitty, who made history right here in Easley.

Judge Jasmine Twitty

In August 2015, she was sworn in as Easley’s associate municipal judge at the age of 25, making her the youngest judge in America at the time. She held that title until 2021. She still holds the title of the youngest judge in Easley, and South Carolina.

As the oldest child in her family, her desire to be a good role model to her siblings inspired her to work harder. She studied political science at College of Charleston and graduated in 2010. The following year, she learned the requirements for becoming a judge, and began an intentional journey to reach that goal. After several years of hard work, mentorship, training, and certifications she attained her goal in 2015.

Judge Jasmine Twitty getting sworn in August 2015 at Easley Municipal Court. South Carolina.

She was sworn in with her proud younger brother and sister holding the Bible. After serving several years in Easley, Judge Twitty currently works as Administrative Judge at the Travelers Rest Municipal Court.

Along with her judicial career, Judge Twitty also works hard to inspire and mentor other young people. She volunteers her time and energy at the Urban League of the Upstate, and is a founding member of LeadHER. LeadHER is a group dedicated to the professional development of women in the Upstate, SC.