Easley Police Department arrests and mugshots: week 3/5/2023 – 3/11/2023

These are arrests for the week, obtained from Easley Police Department records office. Please keep in mind individuals are innocent until proven guilty. We will not be posting any records or detentions of minors under the age of 18.

Name: Norris, David Allen
Arrest Date: 3/5/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00181
Charges: Kidnapping/abduction, 100. Assault 1st degree. Breaking into motor vehicle, 23F.
Name: Stovall, Courtney Dawn
Arrest Date: 3/5/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00182
Charges: Possession of a stolen pistol, 280.
Name: Cortez, Elizabeth
Arrest Date: 3/6/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00183
Charges: Trespass after notice, 90J
Name: Munguia, Eric Josue
Arrest Date: 3/6/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00184
Charges: Reckless driving-1st, 91B. Driving under suspension-1st. Child restraint, 91B.
Name: Rodriguez, Sergio Ramirez
Arrest Date: 3/7/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00185
Charges: Driving under suspension-1st. Drivers license requirements/no drivers license issued, 91B. Open container in vehicle beer/wine. Operating uninsured vehicle.
Name: Eller, Betty Melissa
Arrest Date: 3/7/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00186
Charges: Trespass after notice, 90J
Name: Spado, Kevin Walter
Arrest Date: 3/8/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00188
Charges: Bench warrant service, 91U
Name: Robinson, Felecia Denise
Arrest Date: 3/9/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00189
Charges: Public disorderly conduct, 90C. Assault 3rd degree.
Name: Hendrix, Kenneth Charles
Arrest Date: 3/10/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00190
Charges: Trafficking methamphetamines
Name: Gardner, Nikki Nicole
Arrest Date: 3/10/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00191
Charges: Petit larceny, 23H
Name: Maddern, Benjamin Clarence
Arrest Date: 3/10/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00192
Charges: Driving under suspension-1st
Name: Bright, James Dean
Arrest Date: 3/11/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00193
Charges: Bench warrant service, 91U
Name: Baisden, Derrick Lane
Arrest Date: 3/11/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00194
Charges: DV 3rd degree
Name: Allgood, Jaquasha Shakail
Arrest Date: 3/11/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00196
Charges: Driving under suspension-3rd and subsequent