Easley Police Department arrests and mugshots: week 3/12/2023 – 3/18/2023

These are arrests for the week, obtained from Easley Police Department records office. Please keep in mind individuals are innocent until proven guilty. We will not be posting any records or detentions of minors under the age of 18.

Name: Trammell, Larry Anthony

Arrest Date: 3/13/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00197

Charges: 2 counts Petit larceny, 23H

Name: Butler, Ditavius Tavaris Di’quan

Arrest Date: 3/13/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00198

Charges: Stalking, DV 1st Degree

Name: Durham, Robert Wayne

Arrest Date: 3/14/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00199

Charges: Theft of motor vehicle <$2000

Name: Cowart, Emily, D’Ann

Arrest Date: 3/15/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00200

Charges: Obtaining goods by false pretense, 26A

Name: Berg, Jessica Erin

Arrest Date: 3/15/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00201

Charges: Unlawful conduct towards child, 11A

Name: Durham, Malakai Trequairus Lee

Arrest Date: 3/15/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00202

Charges: 2 counts Distribution of marijuana, 35A. 1 count Conspiracy to violate SC narcotic laws

Name: Santos, Jason William

Arrest Date: 3/16/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00203

Charges: 2 counts Bench warrant service, 91U

Name: Johnson, Vanessa Maria

Arrest Date: 03/17/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00207

Charges: Breach of peace (non aggravated)

Name: Hendrix, Joshua Brandon

Arrest Date: 3/17/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00208

Charges: Grand larceny of motor vehicle, 240

Name: Powell, Eddie Coleman

Arrest Date: 3/17/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00209

Charges: 2 counts Distribution of methamphetamine, 35A

Name: Burrell, Levi Kansas

Arrest Date: 3/17/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00210

Charges: Breach of peace (aggravated in nature)

Name: Holden, Gary Keith

Arrest Date: 3/18/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00212

Charges: Possession of methamphetamine, 35A

Name: Lyda, Morgan Kimberly

Arrest Date: 3/18/2023

Arrest #: 2023-00213

Charges: Assault 3rd degree