Easley Police Department arrests and mugshots: week 2/27/2023 – 3/4/2023

These are arrests for the week, obtained from Easley Police Department records office. Please keep in mind individuals are innocent until proven guilty. We will not be posting any records or detentions of minors under the age of 18.

Name: Reeves, Levandra Kathleen
Arrest Date: 2/27/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00159
Charges: DUI .01 to less than .16 with BA. Operating uninsured vehicle.
Name: Coley, David Anthony
Arrest Date: 2/27/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00165
Charges: DUI, 1st offense, No BA

Name: Makell, Joseph Aaron
Arrest Date: 2/27/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00166
Charges: Breach of peace (non-aggravated)
Name: Strickland, Joseph Cory
Arrest Date: 2/28/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00167
Charges: Breach of peace (non-aggravated). Resisting arrest, 90N

Name: Strickland, Virginia Katelyn
Arrest Date: 2/28/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00168
Charges: Breach of peace (non-aggravated). 1 counts resisting arrest with assault on officer, 13B.
Name: Collins, Matiah Sade
Arrest Date: 2/28/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00169
Charges: Public disorderly conduct, 90C
Name: Olivares Gutierrez, Amador
Arrest Date: 3/1/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00170
Charges: Unlawful carrying of pistol, 520
Name: Silcox, Claudia N
Arrest Date: 3/1/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00171
Charges: 2 counts DV 2nd degree
Name: Hailstock, Alecia Jaivel
Arrest Date: 3/2/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00172
Charges: Prostitution, 40A
Name: Blouir, Amanda Frances
Arrest Date: 3/2/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00173
Charges: Assault 3rd degree
Name: King, Timothy Mark
Arrest Date: 3/3/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00174
Charges: Trespass after notice, 90J. Possession of methamphetamine, 35A.
Name: Vasquez, Raymond Jr
Arrest Date: 3/3/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00175
Charges: Assault 3rd degree. Malicious damage to property, 290

Name: Vasquez, Jacob Andrew-Rey
Arrest Date: 3/3/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00176
Charges: Unlawful carrying of pistol, 520

Name: Kilpatrick, Melissa Ann
Arrest Date: 3/4/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00177
Charges: Breaking into motor vehicle, 23F
Name: Walker, Donald Ali Jr
Arrest Date: 3/4/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00179
Charges: Pointing and presenting firearm. Possession of methamphetamine, 35A. Resisting arrest, 90N. Simple possession of marijuana, 35A.

Name: Perez, Gerardo Bahena
Arrest Date: 3/4/2023
Arrest #: 2023-00180
Charges: Reckless driving-1st, 91B