Easley holds a joint workshop session to discuss changes to the Zoning Ordinance

Easley held a joint workshop session for the City Council (CC), Planning Commission (PC) and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)  to go over the Zoning Ordinance on Monday, February February 20, 2023 at 6:00 PM in the Law Enforcement Chambers. The Planning Commission had the primary responsibility run the meeting with input from the CC and ZBA, and the public was invited without input.

There will be several more meetings and revisions to the draft, but here are the major changes that were discussed on Monday at the meeting:

  1. The addition of an APT zone for apartments only.  At this time, it will be 14 units per acre.
  2. The reduction of density in the GR-2 zone – this will be up for discussion – we show 9 units per acre.
    • Other zones
      •  R10 – from 4.3 to 3.5 units/acre
      • R7.5 – from 5.5 to 4.0 units/acre
      • RPH-6 – from 7.25 to (3 acres to 4.5 units/acre) – the intent is to have a system based upon acreage – the smaller the land the denser.
      • GR-1 – from 7.0 to 7.0 units/acre
      • GR-2 – from 14.0 to 7.0 units/acre
      • FRD = 7.0
      • NCD – from 14.0 to 7.0 units/acre – possibly eliminating residential use
      • OI – from 14.0 to 7.0 units/acre – possibly eliminating residential use                                            
  1. The revision indicating a FRD ordinance can be utilized. May create an FRD committee.
  2. A revision for the RPH-6 zone limiting densities. The purpose is to create the possibility of a cluster type development with smaller lots and more open/common spaces. Off-street parking is addressed
  3. The Bed and Breakfast requirements have been separated from each zone and has been made self-standing.
  4. Residential driveway length, widths and slopes have been addressed.
  5. Buffer yards have been lessened. Buffer yard 6 has been removed. The mature planting may have a tendency to become overgrown
  6. Continuation/Reinstatement of Board of Architectural Review?

For information on zoning codes and details, here is the link to the existing Zoning Ordinance.

There will be another work session for the Planning Commission to review, comment, change, and revise this draft. After the draft is revised, it will be brought to the City Council for their input. Then, a public meeting will then be held to finalize any additional changes before the revised ordinance is brought to the City Council for final approval.